The Timeline

Everyone has a different timeline that feels most comfortable when exploring various colleges before making the final decision. It is good to know that each Division, down to each college, has a different timeline of their own when they are giving out commitment offers to prospective athletes.

The nature of our sport being in the Fall accelerates the commitment timeline, where most Division 1 commitments start coming in the Summer before or Fall of their Junior year. Division 2 and Division 3 programs tend to start receiving verbal commitments in the Spring of Junior year or later. Colleges can offer an athlete any time after the June 15th date, so it is possible to see commitments to any division or school from the Summer before Junior year, all the way through Senior year of high school.

recruiting process Timeline

  • As soon as freshman year, student-athletes can begin to:

    • Research college field hockey programs and build a list of prospective schools

    • Build a recruiting profile

    • Create a recruiting video

    • Send introductory letters to college coaches and fill out recruit questionnaires

    • Attend tournaments and camps where college coaches are present

  • Starting June 15 of the athlete’s sophomore year, college coaches can begin contacting student-athletes.

  • Beginning August 1 of the athlete’s junior year, student-athletes and their families can schedule official and unofficial campus visits.