Each Division has a different set of restrictions when it comes to communicating with you, and eventually planning official visits. 

When can field hockey coaches contact field hockey recruits? 

Starting June 15 of the student-athlete’s sophomore year, NCAA Division 1 and 2 college field hockey coaches may begin contacting recruits via phone, text and email. Before this date, no form of communication is permitted between college coaches and student-athletes. College coaches are still permitted to contact high school and club coaches for general feedback, but these conversations cannot include financial offers, recruiting statements, etc. Digital communication is permitted between Division 3 college coaches and field hockey recruits at any time.

Before June 15 of their sophomore year, student-athletes can begin to prepare for the recruiting process. This preparation includes building a recruiting profile, capturing footage for a highlight video and researching programs they are interested in. This legwork will help better position student-athletes for a successful recruitment experience.

D1 Rules

NCAA Division 1 programs must adhere to the strictest recruiting rules. These rules vary from sport to sport, and here are the details specific to field hockey:

D2 Rules

NCAA Division 2 programs enjoy less restrictive recruiting rules than Division 1 programs. These recruiting rules apply to all Division 2 programs:

D3 Rules

NCAA Division 3 schools have the most relaxed NCAA recruiting rules. Just like Division 2 programs, all Division 3 sports adhere to the same recruiting rules: