Recruiting Tips

College Recruiting Tips

The recruiting process involves many steps, so here is a list of six recruiting tips to help guide student-athletes.

  1. Evaluate skillset: Student-athletes should work with their club and/or high school coach to evaluate their skillset and determine what division level is best for them.

  2. Research prospective programs: In order to find the right college fit, student-athletes should research programs based on academics, athletics, social and financial fit. This includes looking at the current roster, checking out the school’s academic and extracurricular offerings and learning about the social life and community culture on campus.

  3. Build a recruiting profile: Before college coaches can begin contacting student-athletes, they spend time reviewing recruiting profiles and evaluating potential recruits from afar. Athletes should create an online profile with their latest stats and highlight video. This can be a simple Google Site that shows off who you are in and out of hockey!

  4. Create a highlight video: All student-athletes should have a quality, three- to four-minute video with 20–30 game clips that communicate their athletic talents.

  5. Contact college coaches: Student-athletes need to remain engaged in their communication with college coaches to show that they are interested in the program and serious about the recruiting process. Active and consistent communication is key to nurturing a healthy relationship with college coaches.

  6. Attend tournaments, showcases and camps: Competing at these events for an audience of college coaches can increase an athlete’s visibility and opportunity to be recruited.

Recruiting Video Tips

Student-athletes will need to create a three- to four-minute recruiting video that highlights their talents. Before the recruiting process officially begins, college coaches can view an athlete’s video on their recruiting profile to evaluate their skillset. Below are field hockey recruiting video tips to help student-athletes get started:

  • All footage should be shot at varsity or club game.

  • Shoot from the stands or from the press box to give an elevated perspective.

  • Zoom in enough for the viewers to see the jersey numbers, foot skills, and technical ability, but keep a wide enough shot to show the progression of the play.

  • Use a tripod for stability and ease.